Blogging 101

I am not an expert blogger. The Mega Pre Album Launch of Dominic KhaembaI only have been doing this a few days here by the way. It is so much fun and I can’t believe I am writing this in the first place. I will celebrate the day i get to reach the 1000 views of all time milestone and the 100 views in the day milestone ( Dreams of a new blogger). What about the day, I will have 100 subscriptions?

I started almost a year ago saying that I would blog, but wapi! I have had to get myself off my lazy( at times) behind, and do this in earnest. I would like to provoke thoughts, get people thinking, wow others, but most of all write and bring someone to Christ through the things that they read on this blog.

I would like to inspire someone to be better and to get another to surrender their life to the savior. I may not be perfect, but He is perfect for my sake. That through Him, I may gain perfection.

My plea to God every day is that when I write, someone will be touched. It’s not even about the number of views you get, it’s really about the number of souls you touch. It’s not about site stats but life thirsts that are quenched.

On that note, i prepare to start writing my blog for the day. Food for thought II.


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