Giving a helping hand

I got the chance to go to a childcare’s home (for some reason I have forgotten its name) in Kibera on 25th June 2011. Our church  Komarock Tabernacle Church of had visited the childcare’s home.

The proprietor, Bishop Mbithi started this children’s home with two kids a number of years ago. We came to learn about the center from his wife who is my dad’s classmate in Theology class.

These kids are now grown men in their early twenties. A children’s home that started with two children now is the home of over 300 children. They are all distributed from less than a year old to over twenty.

As I sat to listen to the stories of these children, i could not help but wonder at how much we take for granted. We wake up in the morning, go on our businesses of the day and yet we fail to sit down and ponder of the many gifts that we have. we have food( something that these kids are so thankful to get), shelter ( a facility that this institution is working on rebuilding after a fire in March), clothing ( a “luxury” to many 7-9 year old who are in dire need of) , education ( a precious gift that these kids would never take for granted), peace ( a totally strange thing to some of the kids who have experienced very horrid experiences) and family ( something they appreciate they finally have).

I sat and listened to how a girl had stayed with her aunt who used to lock her outside her house as she went about awhoring at night. Tears welled up in my eyes as she explained how she suffered. She struck me when she said, ” But I am glad that Jesus saved me from all that.”

While there we donated what we could (its the size of the heart that matters), and it taught me something vital. You do not need millions to make an impact in someone Else’s life. They may just need you to come and play football with them one Saturday afternoon and share a laugh with them. I wish someone had taken photos of me playing with them (the disadvantage of being the photographer 🙂 ) and how i “invented” some moves there too. It made think for a moment that I could qualify for the Harambee Stars team.

In the Book of James 1:27 the Bible says, “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”

Our own consciences betray us. We should care for someone else, not just ourselves.

Let us lend a helping hand.


3 thoughts on “Giving a helping hand

  1. am just holding back tears….coz i know how it feels to miss out on a fathers/mothers love…..God is the father to the Orphans…He never leaves them

    i may not have much to offer,however,everytime i go down on my knees….i’ll remember these little ones…

    For those helping these little ones ,may God bless u abundantly and may you NEVER lack….keep the good wak. God bless u all.

    Mumo i love the pictures .nyc wak. 🙂

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