Food for thought

As I walked through the streets of Nairobi last evening, I could not help but wonder, “What is the reason behind all the hustle and bustle of life?”

People wake up at 5am and get back to their houses at 10pm every single day, for what? Money? I watched as the streets stayed busy and people moved as they do every morning at 7am in the CBD. Unbelievable?

On sunday, however, we grumble;e and turn in bed, debating whether we should REALLY get out of bed, and if we should REALLy go to the place of worship. Many of my friends tell me that they want to rest on that day. Seriously? I pity many who think that Monday to friday is of more importance than Sunday.

Whether you believe in a higher power or not, He exists. Period. There is no two-way about it. He runs the world, while some people claim that they run this town. All those who call themselves Kings of(whatever it is), he is the King of Kings. Lecrae said it aptly, “He is the King of Kings, he’s telling us what to do…my Lord isn’t you(Its Jesus)”




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