I wish I could shed tears, so I could just cry away the memory I have of you,

I wish I could hate, so I wouldn’t feel all these feelings of love for you,

I wish I could abuse, so I wouldn’t have to remember the sweet words I whispered in your ear,

I wish I could say No to you, so I wouldn’t have to fantasize how telling you yes feels so right,

I wish I could hate on you and diss you, so I wouldn’t feel pain when I see you show your love to some other man and not me,

I wish I didn’t have feelings, so I wouldn’t feel the love I have for you be torn apart by your don’t care attitude,

I wish I didn’t miss you, so I wouldn’t want to see you every moment of every day,

I wish I was blind, so I wouldn’t have seen the beauty that you are,

I wish I was deaf, so I wouldn’t hear you say “I love you” and then “I want to leave” in one sentence,

I wish I hadn’t kissed you when I did, so I wouldn’t ache for the sweet lips that I had gotten so used to,

I wish I hadn’t held you, so I wouldn’t need to wonder who was holding you right now,

I wish I hadn’t seen you smile, so I wouldn’t feel so crappy when you are sad in my presence,

I wish I hadn’t given you my heart, so I wouldn’t feel the torture of having it broken into a million pieces,

I wish I had never fallen for you, so I wouldn’t spend all my time thinking of who had swept you off your feet this time around,

I wish I had never made you laugh, so I wouldn’t worry who was doing what used to be my job,

I wish you would listen to me, coz you would hear the beat of my heart resonates with your name,

I wish you would look into my eyes, coz you would see the love that exists in every look I give you,

I wish you would hold my hand, coz you would see how far I would go with you in all the trouble you in,

I wish you would put your hand on my chest, coz you would realize nobody touched it since you last did,

I wish I had ignored you on day one, so I wouldn’t need to think of you every night on my bed,

I wish I had never met you, coz I wouldn’t feel all the pain of seeing you walk away from me.


4 thoughts on “I WISH

  1. i may not know exactly how u feel but i know its tearing your heart apart…… For u to have loved so dearly n then have that love snatched away from you……

    You may have a thousand wish…..but NEVER EVER have any regrets about ever meeting n falling in love,..just give God thank 4 giving u an oportunity for having brought her in your wen He did….don’t beat uaself up…..IF SHE WAS REALLY MEANT FOR GOD WILL SEE TO IT THAT SHE COMES BACK. Keep the smile,keep on praying n learn to love agen 🙂

  2. I hope she will come to her senses and realize what a wonderful man she got. keep your warm heart open coz she z finding her way back 2 you.cheers

    1. I am working on keeping my heart as you suggest. May God see. Thank you for everything. I dont know what i would do without a friend such as you.

  3. Wow! Dats deep…a lovely poem in deed,n very well expressed.cld actually feel the poets emotions.nys work of art ascofu. Looking 4ward to read mo of it. feel the poets emotions.nys work of art ascofu. Looking 4ward to read mo of it.

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